Elektrotel offers, system design, integration and various services for telecommunication industry, defense, industrial solutions and services for the national and international markets. For more than 15 years, we are working to create value for our customers and ourselves

Elektrotel has an organizational structure and a capacity to offer end-to-end solutions, system integration and technology services for service providers and organizations in a wide range of areas from Research & Development, production and maintenance.

Besides being a product design center with a multi-national structure, we can offer services in import and export issues regardless of any business area. We believe that, thanks to our current structure, we will attain our goal to become a world brand in near future. In addition to all these, we are able to offer timely and high-quality service as we also have plastic mold, injection and metal companies within our structure, which all carry us a step further in terms of product integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce solutions that best fit the needs of different customers, to offer a complete service and to search for, identify and implement potential developments intended for the future. While doing these, we aim to establish a work environment that’s convenient for open communication and for the skills of individuals and in parallel with our core values, to become a preferred business partner in the market as a company that doesn’t not make concessions to business ethics, honesty and quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create top values for our customers, employees, business partners and for the society with our creative communication and design solutions in order to become a renowned and preferred brand in the market.

Our Partners